Multi-Role Vessels are strong and versatile workhorses, designed to provide a stable work platform capable of considerable precision.


Megan M MRV 24

megan mThe Megan M, built by Mustang Marine and launched in 2007, is a strong, flexible and versatile Multi-Role Vessel, which was commissioned to improve our already strong performance in the marine civil engineering field.

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Lesley M Multicat type 20

lesley mLaunched in 1993, the Lesley M is a reliable multi-use vessel with an extensive deck package making her a versatile work platform. She is equipped with an aft A-frame and an 8m sea bed levelling plough.

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Laura M MRV

laura mOne of the strongest and most versatile boats in the sector, the Laura M, built in 2002, is designed to maximise the capabilities of a 20x8m working platform, capable of taking a 40ft container on deck or a 20ft storage box and an 18ft portable site office.

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Mary M MRV 15

mary mLaunched in 1999, the Mary M is loosely based on the tried and tested Multicat format, but with many unique design features and superior specifications making her able to punch well above her weight.

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